Poker For Beginners

Poker for beginners, how easy is it to start? Not hard! If you know that before starting anything you need to learn about it. Like if you want to drive a car, you have to learn it before you can go drive with the general population. Two things beginners miss are Rakeback and Poker Software. Lets look at software and quickly go over rakeback.

Poker Tracker is great help for beginners, it records hands for later review  , calculates statistics based on that and in general  grades your poker play and your opponents also  . It offers multiple options which are all useful . Beginners should start by learning the HUD  , boxes that show on the online poker room table next to every player. These boxes contain statistics about them. There are four basic things beginners should know about statistics. VPIP, PFR, AF and Hands.

VPIP – Voluntarily put in pot. This means how much you have limped, in other words called the big blind or someone elses raise.  Say if you have folded for nine hands and then limp  . This would make your VPIP percent 10. You have limped once out of 10 hands meaning you limp 10%. This is only an example, for precise statistics about your opponent you would need a bigger amount of hands, about a 1,000. The higher VPIP the more hands the player plays which allows you to put your opponent on a certain range of hands that he plays. In a Full Ring game if this is higher then 20% then that is considered high.

PFR – Preflop Raise. PFR defines how much you raise preflop . If everyone folds to you and you raise preflop then it raises your PFR percentage  . Again, if you have folded for nine hands and on the tenth hand you raise then your PFR is 10%. PFR allows you to put opponents on a range of hands with what they raise. If it is under 15% or even under 10% then it would be correct to think that only good hands are played  . The bigger the percent the looser the player.

AF – Aggression Factor. This shows how aggressive you or your opponent are. This statistic is based on three bets, preflop raises, calls and basically everything else you do during the hand that is played. It is said that up to 0.7% AF is passive and greater than 1.5% AF is aggressive. In low limits for example it is completely normal if your AF is over 2% on the flop, turn and river. It depends a lot on the limit and your play style . If you play only premium hands then you must play your big hands aggressively , meaning that you bet, raise and re-raise whenever you have a good hand.

Hands –  This is pretty obvious, this number shows how many hands have been recorded for a certain player  .

It is also important to sign up for rakeback. For beginners it would be best to look for Opoker Rakeback or 888 Poker Rakeback because they offer a large amount of loose players making it easier for a beginner to gain a profit in the long run. Rakeback offers the player a certain percentage back from the fees they have paid to a poker room, like a tax refund! Making your net profit even higher  . It is normal to pay $1,000 rake during a month and with an average rakeback of 30% you can get back $300!

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